Memories Everlasting

Here’s another piece of 101 word fiction. As always, I hope you enjoy!

Memories Everlasting

Monday June 15th. A day I will always remember.

The crisp ocean air as I woke. The sounds of the dock, the ships unloading, the merchants gossiping, the seagulls flying overhead. I’ll remember a day spent at sea, fishing and catching and laughing and joking. But mostly I’ll remember my wife. Her kiss, her smell, her touch.

And the noise that woke me. The woman at the door. Beguiling, magnetizing. Overpowering.

These were my final memories.

Of Monday June 15th, 1742.

The day I was bitten. The day I drank. The day I died. And the day I was born again.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

9 thoughts on “Memories Everlasting”

  1. Weirdly enough… you’ve used my birthday… (if not the year… or is it? 😉 )

    The ‘noise that woke me’ line confused me initially, I wondered if the wife was a dream. But the twist at the end is great, a classic, and well-played. =)

  2. I can see the confusion, since the second paragraph is all details when he’s awake, and so the third technically travels back in time. Since the piece rests so heavily on thematic suggestion, though, I didn’t create much of a linear narrative and it didn’t bother me. I really dig the nostalgia and calm of those early paragraphs, particularly the second. I think it could work for any sort of narrator, not just a vampire.

  3. I like this a lot.

    If you will, forgive me for a picky question. On which calendar was June 15th, 1742 a Monday? What did you use as your reference?

  4. Thanks, Pete!

    Tim: you’ve caught me out there, I guess. No reference at all! I wanted a few hundred years to have passed, but the actual date just popped into my head. Thanks for reading though!

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