This one contains a little bit of swearing, so turn away now if some colourful language offends you!


Some people love cars, others shoes, and some, like John here, loved dogs. Seriously. Dogs! But bullets are my thing, my favouritest things ever. I fucking love ’em.

I mean, I’ve just sent one of the little lead bastards 700 yards, bang on target. They’re awesome! I know I’m good n’all, but 700 yards? Do me a favour!

I suppose it is a little strange to be thinking these things right now. They always said I was a bit weird, always laughing at me. Especially John. Not laughing any more, are you mate?

Anyway, rest in peace, John. You and your fucking dogs.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

28 thoughts on “Malcolm”

  1. Normally I’d feel sorry for John. But there’s been a lot of dog poo on our streets lately. I think Malcolm could plead ‘mental cruelty’.

    Oh and frankly John should think twice before laughing at a gun loving psycho.

  2. Pets are really getting it this week(see Michael Tate’s story) .. Great roaring energy in this. Very taut and angry.. but somehow I kept thinking of Catcher in The Rye. There must be something sad and lost about our Malcolm..

    (Sorry Jack, I thought I’d commented on this a couple of days ago.. must’ve clicked the wrong button ….)

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