Fallout: Flight

A second entry into my “Fallout” universe (if it can be called as such after only two entries!). Again, this was originally entered into Lily Childs’ Friday Prediction.

I feel like playing with the 100 word stories a bit while I explore this world. I hope that’s ok? I think it will help me decide what I like/dislike, what works/does not work etc, before I expand into larger stories. As a “newbie”, I don’t want to rush in and bore/disappoint you all.

Anyway, have at it..

Fallout: Flight

She takes only a drop. Conserving the contents of the vial is critical. She allows herself a moment to rest, wary that the war-weary forest now offers little protection.

For a moment, silence. Nothing but gentle breeze and soft breath. Like the old days.

“Get it!”

To her right, a small hare bolts through ash, kicking up a dusty reminder of the Final Day. Its unknowingly helpful distraction buys her a few valuable seconds.

They hunt, they kill, they crucify. The Bishop’s warnings return to her consciousness.

She forces a deep breath.

They can’t be allowed to find me.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

20 thoughts on “Fallout: Flight”

  1. I believe this can indeed become a series centered in the Fallout universe.
    I am becoming very curious of how and why this mysterious lady had come to this situation, or the one in the first Fallout. Do write more !
    And just an fyi – you are doing a great job with the 100 word stories 🙂 !

  2. This is a great story in 100 words. It has a depth of narrative supporting it, hinting at the story, but leaving the reader curious to know more. Great stuff.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  3. the 100 words approach is going well, I’m very intrigued by the two parts so far and look forward to reading more. Being such a story I stopped after every line and let the words sink in and the visuals come to mind. Even though I don’t know the character too well I’m already rooting for her.

    Donkeys! 😛

  4. As Aidan says, many threads woven into this as well as a sense of nostalgia blended with the immediacy of the current threat. This is really good, Jack, I look forward to more of Fallout.

    “kicking up a dusty reminder of the Final Day” is a great description that works hard on many levels. =)

  5. You ought to feel at total liberty to explore the drabble form, Jack. Are you reading many 100-word stories to bone up, or just composing as many as you can? Either way, I wish you the best on world-building.

  6. Wonderfully mysterious..There’s so much ambiguity and plot lines soaring off in all directions..I think I need a lie down.. Great descriptive work Jack..and I agree with Tim ..your writing has that about it which is a real strength

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