Lesson One

Dad forces the gun into my reluctant hand. “I’m tired, son.”

I can’t.

He places his warm hand on my shoulder. “I need help. I can’t keep doing it alone.”

I stare down at the weapon, attempt to drown out their groans with thoughts of how things were before. Ten years old is too young for this.

“Point and shoot, just like I showed you.”

I’m not ready. Not for this.

“Remember, they ain’t people. Not any more.”

I raise the gun and take a long, deep breath.

“It’s not her.”

If I pull this trigger I’ll never see mum again.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

8 thoughts on “Lesson One”

  1. I liked this one. I didn’t immediately guess zombies. I’m not the biggest fan of drabble’s to be honest but I think this works, it’s tense, and conveys a lot very quickly.

      1. I think the thing is, I’m a greedy, needy reader. So if I get into something I want to be able to settle in for a while. Drabble’s (good ones) often get me excited and then leave me frustrated. The best ones work powerfully on their own though.

        Writing them’s a real skill and one where I struggle.

  2. I was thinking vampires in paragraph three – hunting running the family is an alluring trope these days. But by the end, maybe zombies? I guess it could still be vampires; it still wouldn’t be her.

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