They put up a strong resistance, stronger than most. But twenty days ago, London fell.

Ten days later, the rest of the UK had followed. They were outnumbered 10:1. The odds were never in their favour.

But the human race is strong, resilient. Two days ago, a lone soldier reached my bunker. He was wounded, mortally so. He had just enough life left to release me.

Ninety-seven years is a long time to be asleep. To do nothing but watch as your adopted home is taken from you. Feeling so powerfully hopeless. But I’m free now.

Tomorrow, I take it all back.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

22 thoughts on “Revival”

      1. No I don’t think so at all. Just yearned for more tinges to place it definitively in London. Something about the cussed survival of the soldier to deliver the message, maybe you could have done a tiny bit more with that kind of detail?

  1. I like the layers to this, Jack. Something has taken the Earth, now this something else is going to take it from them. I find the voice somehow sinister, as if he may take the Earth back but for himself, not for humans…

  2. I enjoyed the read of this, the short word count, the clipped sentences, all this works for me, but I really would like to know what the enemy is, and what is in the bunker.

    I tend to do this exact same thing in many of my own short stories too. I guess the boot is on the other foot now. 🙂

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