The Architect

It was a bad day for Ben Brown when the zombie apocalypse began. His book had just become a best-seller; an “apocalyptic masterpiece” one Amazon reviewer had not been paid to say. His audience was hungry; they consumed it in their droves. Until the dead started to rise…

His audience quickly lost their appetite. Living out his nightmare was a lot less fun.

The fact it all played out just as he had written did concern him a little. What concerned him more was the sudden lack of sales. Zero is never a good figure.

He needed to do something about it. Something major, something drastic. If he had started it all, could he end it?

It would need to be one hell of a sequel.

How do you reverse a world overrun with zombies? There would need to be a startling revival, a sudden shift in the tide. A miraculous cure could work, but it wouldn’t be sensational enough to grab his (decimated) audience’s attention.

A super-advanced alien race would be better. They could remove the zombie problem – with giant robots and massive lasers – and help the humans retake the planet. He’d have to write it very carefully. Yes, this would be an alien encounter with a perfectly-written happy ending.

That’s definitely a story the survivors would need to read.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

14 thoughts on “The Architect”

  1. I like the idea that bookshops are still operating despite the apocalypse… =D

    Enjoyed this, Jack. I think he’d better be careful he doesn’t leave the last remnants of humanity in the thrall of their intergalactic saviours… 😉

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