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Liebster Blog Award

Hey! So Cindy Vaskova (@raptamei on Twitter) recently bestowed upon me a Liebster Blog Award. While I won’t pass the award on to 11 more people as the rules suggest (mainly because all the people I’d give it to have already received it from Cindy or the person before her!), I will list some of my favourite writers (with links to their blogs) and answer her 11 questions.

First, the questions:

Can you recall the funniest tweet you’ve read?

Not any single tweet (there have been a few!) but my favourite Twitter account on this subject is @MUFC_Facebook. It takes the most ridiculous comments on the Manchester United Facebook page and tweets them to the masses. They’re yet to post one I haven’t at least sniggered at.

What’s your favourite character in a book or movie?

I’ve never really been one to have favourite characters as such, so I’ll just mention the first one to pop into my head when reading this question: Bruce Wayne/Batman. I guess I’m mainly referring to the current iteration of the character (Nolan’s) – I’ve watched the movies and read the scripts and love what he’s done. While the childhood trauma angle is nothing new (I’ve no idea if it was when originally written – i.e. back in his comic book day – of course) the way Nolan forged his version of the character and constructed a realistic person behind the mask really worked for me. Also, if we can include television characters, John ‘Don’t tell me what I can’t do’ Locke.

What characteristics in his/her personality made you like him/her?

Fight, desire, hunger, passion, humility, heroism, intelligence, fire. Also (while not a characteristic), he’s loaded. He’s the type of man doing the type of things the rest of us all wish we could.

Do you have any morning rituals?

Only if this includes not being able to properly function until having had a brew.

Which is the one dish you’ve always wanted to learn how to prepare?

Anything that doesn’t need the microwave or the oven would be a fantastic start.

Cyberpunk or steampunk?

I honestly haven’t read much of either, so I’ll toss a coin. Hang on… Cyberpunk.

Do you remember the first album you bought?

I honestly don’t. I do remember getting plenty of stick for buying Billie Myers’ ‘Kiss the Rain’ when I was *checks release date* 13. Thirteen, blimey! I’ve just listened to it again and it sucks, so I have no idea what I was thinking.

You’re in a bar with friends. It’s karaoke night and you’ve had a couple. Which song do you pick to sing?

Ha! This really wouldn’t be happening. But we’re all fiction writers here, so let’s go with it… I’m just about to pick a wonderfully soulful classic, a song which would have all of my friends – as well as everyone else in the karaoke bar – swaying from side-to-side, with the slightest glimpse of a shimmer in their collective eye, when a pack of Ninja Velociraptors crash through the window. More next time.

You’re travelling with public transportation, it’s crowded, noisy and the travel will be long. You have only one book with you. Which book is that?

Jurassic Park. My all-time favourite. If it’s a really long journey I’ll read it twice.

Have you, at some point, felt like giving up on writing?

Not yet!

Is there a particular moment that has made you proud of yourself this year?

I put an Ikea storage unit together in under thirty minutes recently, so yes, there has been.

And some of my favourite writers/bloggers:

John Wiswell
John Xero
Larry Kollar
Helen A. Howell
Marc Nash
Icy Sedgwick
Pete Newman
Emma Newman
Tim Van Sant
Tom Gillespie

Happy New Year!


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

3 thoughts on “Liebster Not Lobster”

  1. I’m similarly ignorant about Cyberpunk and Steampunk, which is why I’ve picked up a few anthologies. Hoping to get up to speed.

    Bob Kane did not originally write Bruce Wayne with any origin – that he’s Batman is actually the twist reveal at the end of his debut comic. I’m not sure if it wasn’t until Frank Miller’s Year One that he had the childhood trauma.

  2. Hi Jack and thanks for including me in your list, I’m honoured. I loved your answers to Cindy’s questions, now I have a big ^___^ on my face.

    This is the fourth time I have been given this award, so I hope you’ll forgive me for not doing it all over again. However, if you’re interested in my answers to John Wiswell’s questions you can find them here:

    Oh and a very Happy and Safe New Year to you Jack!

  3. Hahaha! Thank you so much for these answers Jack, great laugh for me! High five on Batman and Locke, and thanks for creating a mini-story on the karaoke bar scene. I can actually see it as a full flash! 😀 I keep tossing that coin too, but find myself liking both genres equally.

    Have a great New Year celebration, and take care! And you know, stay away from karaoke bars, in case of Ninja Velociraptors.

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