The Feast

Hello all! I read a reasonably funny tweet this week which inspired this little story. I forget who it was, but thanks, anon!

The Feast

The impossibly-beautiful maid slid the plate before him. The giant marshmallow – crispy-warm on the outside, fluffy-soft in the middle – seduced all of his senses.

Ben gorged himself, losing all track of time and place.

Finished, he slumped back and tried to breathe. “My my, Mr Ben, quite the appetite you have.” The saucy maid winked.

He smiled. “I left room for-”

“Get up!”

The words pierced his befuddled mind.

“Ben! Wake up!”

He squinted as morning sun invaded his reality. A feather-filled cough induced an ungodly pain in his stomach.

His mother’s voice was stern. “Where the hell are your pillows?!”


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

24 thoughts on “The Feast”

  1. Oh, aw, lol ! I had a totaly different idea for that giant marshmallow, . I thought it might turn into a giant slug or something, but a pillow- never would have guessed, Nice one gave me a giggle!

  2. Hrm, my friend @homefry13 just had toasted marshmallows over Christmas (she tweeted about it too, incidentally), and now this — now I REALLY want some. And I don’t even have a fireplace.

    Fun story, and it’s inspiring a whole culinary trend!

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