Long Way Down

A red light flashes. No sound, just a slow blink.

Daniel blinks back.

Surely not?

He jumps from his bunk, typing furiously at his personal interface. A holoscreen flicks on, bathing the dark room in an eerie blue glow. The screen brings bad news.


He drops the interface and scrambles up a white ladder to the station’s observation room. It’s no larger than a small bedroom, with three inch tempered glass on all sides.

His eyes trail the lunar elevator all the way back down to the planet below.

A planet which appears to be on fire.

Oh fuck.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

27 thoughts on “Long Way Down”

    1. Thanks, Mazz! A lunar space elevator is an actual thing. A theoretical thing anyway! My mind went to what would happen if you actually had to travel up/down one (would only be used for transport of materials if made for real) – would take around 9-10 years!

  1. Quite scary the image of a burning planet! I once had a dream like that…

    Loved this, it’s wonderful to see so much going on in such a small piece, and I’m glad to read you’re doing a follow-up! More sci-fi!

  2. Sometimes only one word will do. And then it’s always justified. The lunar elevator was a good idea: it adds just enough techno stuff to remind us how dangerous the situation is, which in turn, makes the last line entirely valid.

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