Me and I

I love the way her hair shimmers in the sun.

Her auburn bob gently bounces as she weaves between rush-hour traffic. Elegant, graceful, beautiful.

I love her smile, and the way it makes me feel.

She casts a glance across the bustling bar, that infectious smile already lighting up the room.

I go to wave, but I stop myself. I want to smile, but I don’t. I never do.

She spots him. Two smiles grow, eyes glisten. She bounds across the floor and into his arms. I sit and watch, in quiet, hidden. Nothing more.

I love her. But that’s all.


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

10 thoughts on “Me and I”

  1. I kind of liked that close. Rather than sinister, I read it as dismissive, as though love itself were compartmentalized away from a place where obsession could drive him from doing something vile.

  2. “I sit and watch, in quiet, hidden. Nothing more.” reminds me of something Po would write and considering that it does allow a sinister feel to be build.

    But in another read, and another observation it might be just a guy in love with this fictional woman, this vision of her that he loves, but which would never interact with him.

    It’s a good piece to decipher Jack. Neat.

  3. I love that last line – “I love her. But that’s all.”

    Maybe it’s time for him to take some action? Unless, of course, you read the story with a sinister aspect. Then, maybe I’m glad he didn’t. Very well written.

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