The Edge

“If we die, we die.” Sarah spoke softly. “But first we truly live.”

There was a conviction in her voice, reminiscent of a priest. She had no proof, but didn’t need it. Did he?

James steadied himself and glanced again over the edge. Sarah squeezed his hand tighter.

She whispered in his ear, “If we die, we die. Together.”

James slipped through his wife’s embrace and took several steps back. Her red lips had already dropped into a frown. She now seemed to stare right through him.

But first we truly live.

James offered out his hand. “Please come with me.”

Zero Kills Everyone

Doctor Bishop opened the box. Inside, a smaller box, made of dark metal, with a small dial and a red button.

“As per your order, Mr Marcus.”

Edgar leaned over the device and smiled. “So?”

“Ten kills only the worst. The most hideous fiends you’ll ever find on this earth. From there, you can work your way down.”

“So setting the dial to one will…”

“Tiny thoughts of envy, possibly low-level rage, a little lust perhaps. I can’t be entirely sure.”

Edgar stared closer at the dial’s tiny white dashes. “I see you’ve added a zero, doctor. What will that do?”

Them and You

Something a little darker this week…



“Why don’t you do something about it?” Time and again.

I’ve always been detached. I’ve had to be. It was hard work keeping up my wall, keeping us all safe. Not that they ever noticed. If they knew the truth, would things be much different now?

But I’ve grown weary. I’m tired of brushing their voices away and keeping the other ones at bay. The other voices that want their time, to desperately be heard.

So as I hold them here, at the point of my mercy, what do they scream?

“Please don’t, please stop… don’t do this.”


I was an unusually small child. Often unnoticed, easily ignored. Quickly abandoned.

I soon accepted my fate. I had to. I took your wallets and your food, never once glimpsed. But it wasn’t enough.

In my early teens I met a man. He taught me things. Wonderful, horrible things. He made me truly dangerous, mind and body. I took your families and your friends and anything you loved. Some of you even deserved it.

It’s a life. Killing time, and things. Taking jobs, taking lives. And now it’s now. And now it’s you.

I’ll be the last thing you never see.