The Last of Us

I remember awaking to the sound of lightning. But to say the sound was ominous would be to falsely claim the foresight for which I so sadly lack. If I had, could I have saved them?

I sit here eating beans from a can. Hunger pays no attention to God. God pays no attention to anything anymore. His decrepit creation is abandonment and anger wrapped in darkness and silence. Their screams have long-since ceased to be echoes.

They titled me immortal. We’re about to test this claim. When the earth is nothing but ash and bone, what purpose do I serve?


The dark waters rippled. Harold didn’t say anything right away; he wanted, nay needed, to be certain.

There it was again. A definite movement in the moonlit black.

“John!” He waited. No reply.

Another ripple. Stronger this time. The lake was coming alive.


His son bounded up from the boat’s lower cabin. “What you shouting-”

“Look.” He pointed out into the water.

“What are you-”


John’s eyes narrowed, piercing through the night. Another ripple.

Harold climbed from his chair. They had planned for this moment their entire lives. “I’ll get the-”

John turned and smiled. “Dad… this is it.”


Almost there.

Frank spluttered a breath and wiped another bead of sweat from his brow. Wearied muscles tightened below him; where he had once been running he now moved along at little more than a shambling half-jog.

Not much farther.

He glanced up. That’s when he heard the Tyrannosaurus approaching fast behind him. It huffed and ever so loudly puffed, but did not roar. Frank kept his eyes forward, on the bathtub and Mexican wrestler.

Just a few more yards…

Exhausted, Frank bundled over the finish line, bottom desperately finding tarmac. He checked his watch.


A smile stretched across his face.

Lights Out

Lights on. Lights off. Lights on. Lights off. Lights on…

Thirteen ons, twelve offs. It was a pattern. And there was a reason to the pattern.

There was also a reason why I had to do it to all the lights in my room. I said it was to keep Them away. The pattern, see. My parents said I’d be seeing a doctor.

They also said I was to start sleeping with the lights out. That my mood swings and depression would improve if I did.

So they removed the bulbs.

Zero ons, zero offs. No pattern.

Alone in bed.