Lights Out

Lights on. Lights off. Lights on. Lights off. Lights on…

Thirteen ons, twelve offs. It was a pattern. And there was a reason to the pattern.

There was also a reason why I had to do it to all the lights in my room. I said it was to keep Them away. The pattern, see. My parents said I’d be seeing a doctor.

They also said I was to start sleeping with the lights out. That my mood swings and depression would improve if I did.

So they removed the bulbs.

Zero ons, zero offs. No pattern.

Alone in bed.



Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

23 thoughts on “Lights Out”

  1. Why can’t people let us have our routines, no matter how crazy they may seem? Especially if those same routines weren’t harming anyone else – and were saving someone’s life!! Short and very effective. Liked it.

  2. The monsters under the bed were real ones. 😦

    I’ve seen far more annoying bedtime habits in kids. Especially the “catch me if you can” habit when you’re trying to wrestle the pajamas on. 😛

  3. I can’t help thinking a disco ball would have solved all their problems. The parents could have shut the door, and he could have had his alternating light pattern without constantly getting up to mess with the switch. Win win.
    *shakes head sadly*

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