The Last of Us

I remember awaking to the sound of lightning. But to say the sound was ominous would be to falsely claim the foresight for which I so sadly lack. If I had, could I have saved them?

I sit here eating beans from a can. Hunger pays no attention to God. God pays no attention to anything anymore. His decrepit creation is abandonment and anger wrapped in darkness and silence. Their screams have long-since ceased to be echoes.

They titled me immortal. We’re about to test this claim. When the earth is nothing but ash and bone, what purpose do I serve?


Author: jackkholt

Film graduate. Lover of lots of good films and quite a few bad ones. Reader. Writer. Novel in progress, obviously.

14 thoughts on “The Last of Us”

  1. He sounds like a very naughty dog.

    Okay, I couldn’t help that, but it’s not joke that I enjoyed the melodramatic and dire tone. What happens to an immortal who gives up eating?

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