The Devil will end you, the Devil will end you, the Devil will end you.

Jane whispered slowly, as instructed.

She stared at the candle-lit photo on the table in front of her, as instructed. She focused on his cheating face.

She waited.

“You’ll know if it has worked, dear,” the shopkeeper had told her.


Jane closed her eyes. “The devil will end you, Max Haggins.”

Not as instructed.

A sharp pain shot through her stomach and everything went warm. Her limp body was raised up from the floor. A cold whisper trickled into her ear.

The Devil ends you.

A Dying Nightmare

Admittedly, it’s been a while. There are reasons, some strong, some weak. But alas, less about me! Here’s a thing:

A Dying Nightmare

You only work when they’re sleeping.

Silently whispered from the moment of my inception. The unwritten Rule governing my entire way of being.

Am I a being?

He is. My creator, my host, my warden. He knows not, but he’s the reason I am here and the reason I will soon fade away.

I don’t breathe, yet I’m suffocating. Thirteen days trapped neither here nor there. In the Inbetween. Thirteen sleepless nights. Insomnia they call it.

I need for him to let me do my work. I can’t hold on much longer.

Will I break the unwritten Rule? I’m considering it.