The heavens opened and the rains fell, filling the sky with fire and death.

Within days, I was deep underground. Anyone with any sense did the same. The surface was their territory now.

I’ll never forget the first one I saw. Towering over the city, crushing buildings like twigs. Every footstep an earthquake, each breath a tornado. Little wonder the civilians have taken to calling them Gods.

I wish I knew more about them. The Scrolls speak of their arrival but not of their intentions, of what happens next. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

We can’t stay down here forever.

Lesson One

Dad forces the gun into my reluctant hand. “I’m tired, son.”

I can’t.

He places his warm hand on my shoulder. “I need help. I can’t keep doing it alone.”

I stare down at the weapon, attempt to drown out their groans with thoughts of how things were before. Ten years old is too young for this.

“Point and shoot, just like I showed you.”

I’m not ready. Not for this.

“Remember, they ain’t people. Not any more.”

I raise the gun and take a long, deep breath.

“It’s not her.”

If I pull this trigger I’ll never see mum again.

Fallout: Luck

The knife flies past before her body can even muster a flinch. The figure is faceless no more; splattered green blood illuminates the deformed features of an Olifat. Mischievous imitators.

“Lucky.” A recognisably cocky voice reaches out from the casino’s shadows behind her.

She watches as a tall man with long, blackened hair strides confidently into the vault.

“Pass me that, would you.”

She reaches down and rips the knife from the Olifat’s neck.

“How the hell did you…” Her eyes tighten, puzzlement etches across her face.

He slides the knife away and throws her a knowing glare. “Mum…and she’s pissed.”


The following story was originally written for Lily Childs’ Friday Prediction. I’m very happy to say that, somehow or another, it won. Yay!

Anyway, here it is:


The nameless woman sweeps her way across the floor. Charred echoes of the old world litter her path. Chips, dice, cards: all are trampled or brushed aside. She moves quickly, a silent shadow amongst the ash. The penalty for being caught does not bear thinking about.

Slipping through the pre-war machines, she soon reaches her destination. A faceless figure crouches upon his workstation.

“They can never be allowed to find me.” Her words echo around the steel vault.

“Aye. But ’tis a shame to mangle…such a vision.”

An overburdened coin purse lands at his feet.

“Let’s begin.”

Day One

Swell_Kel joined the conversation
Swell_Kel: I’ve been calling you!
Swell_Kel: How’d it go? 🙂
ClaireBear17: Sorry 😦
Swell_Kel: Don’t worry…give me the details! 😀
ClaireBear17: Not feeling too good.
Swell_Kel: Did he finally make a move? 😆
ClaireBear17: Feeling a bit sick.
Swell_Kel: Hunny what’s wrong?
Swell_Kel: Claire…come on…its me 🙂
Swell_Kel: Tell me…
ClaireBear17: Nothing…I’ll be fine.
Swell_Kel: Shall I come over?
ClaireBear17: No.
Swell_Kel: What happened? 🙄
ClaireBear17: Well I snuck in…he was asleep on the sofa…
Swell_Kel: You cracked open the wine didn’t you! 😉
ClaireBear17: No! Listen…
Swell_Kel: Hun what happened? 😦
ClaireBear17: His parents were out but he was just asleep…no DVD, no drinks
Swell_Kel: OMG
Swell_Kel: Waster!
ClaireBear17: So I shook him awake…but he was angry
ClaireBear17: Realy mad
Swell_Kel: WTF he didn’t do anything did he?
ClaireBear17: He grabbed me so I slapped him…ran to back door but he tripped me up
Swell_Kel: Are you fucking kidding me…I’m gonna kill that asshole! 👿
Swell_Kel: U ok?
ClaireBear17: Kickwd him off…got out house
Swell_Kel: But ur ok? He didn’t hurt you?
ClaireBear17: I’m k…just feel sick
ClaireBear17: He jst bit myankle…weirdo
Swell_Kel: I’m gonna kill him!
Swell_Kel: I’m coming over…
ClaireBear17: No im k…jst need
Swell_Kel: Just need what?
Swell_Kel: You still there?
Swell_Kel: Hun?
Swell_Kel: Claire?
ClaireBear17: Felng realu hot
Swell_Kel: What? Ur worrying me. Whats going on?
Swell_Kel: Claire? Hellooooooo?
Swell_Kel: 😦
Swell_Kel: Bet your throwing up..
Swell_Kel: Gross :p
Swell_Kel: Ok…not funny!
Swell_Kel: Claire???
Swell_Kel: I’m calling you…pick up
Swell_Kel: Or don’t 😥
Swell_Kel: Fine…not funny anymore..I’m coming over
Swell_Kel: CLAIRE?!?
Swell_Kel: On my way…
Swell_Kell left the conversation
ClaireBear17: dnt